Here are some of the best pages and websites I’ve seen that have been created by others examining claims of science or mathematical miracles in the Qur’an.


A page in which pretty much all of the claimed word count miracles in the Qur’an are examined and their arbitrary exclusions and inconsistencies demonstrated.

A video in which various Qur’an word count “miracles” are debunked

Debunking the claim of 365 occurances of the word day (yawm) in the Qur’an


A site with a detailed paper refuting embryology in the Qur’an (a response to Hamza Tzortzis).

Lots of new evidence and arguments debunking common apologetic claims about Islamic embryology with an unprecedented level of scrutiny. Exposes numerous fabrications and false word definitions used by apologists. This paper is by youtuber CaptainDisguise and myself. Check it out!

Or read / download the pdf of the paper directly from scribd:
Embryology in the Quran: Much Ado About Nothing. A Refutation of Hamza Tzortzis’ Embryology in the Qur’an: A Scientific-Linguistic Analysis of Chapter 23

In August 2013 our above mentioned embryology paper led to Hamza Tzortzis permanently withdrawing his own widely shared paper on embryology in the Qur’an and publically abandoning the scientific miracles approach to da’wah (see his website). Hamza now debunks scientific miracle claims, and he and iERA train da’wah teams not to use them.

A series of videos debunking pretty much every claim of science in the Qur’an

Video by youtube user captaindisguise demolishing the Pharoah “miracle”.

See also his blog for the debunking of various claims such as those relating to a barrier between 2 seas and the lowest point on earth.

Blog article by stopspamming1, which in great detail debunks the so-called Haman miracle. There was an excellent video, but his channel was deleted and only his blog article on the topic remains.

Video by youtube user CEMBadmins explaining why the “miracle” of the honey bee is nothing of the sort by examining the Arabic.

A video by an ex-Muslim Arabic speaker covering many of the points included in my article about Dhu’l Qarnayn. It also has some additional details about the tafsirs, how it took 20 tafsirs and 450 years before the apologetic interpretation was first proposed. You can watch the last 10 minutes of the video to see this excellent info about the tafsirs. Does the Quran really say the Sun sets in a muddy spring?

I was informed of a thread in which an ex-Shia Muslim presents various Shia hadiths concerning the sun setting in a muddy spring The main point being (as with my article that includes Sunni hadiths) not the authenticity or otherwise of these hadiths, but rather the lack of any sign of an alternative interpretation for the Qur’anic Dhu’l Qarnayn passage among early Muslims other than the mythological, scientifically erroneous one, and thus the implications for the claimed perfection of the Qur’an.

The Rational Islam? blog by Spinoza focused on debunking various Islamic miracle claims

Recent interviews on Youtube with some of the scientists who appear in popular videos apparently endorsing the Qur’an as scientifcally accurate. Here they take the opportunity to set the record straight that they had been mislead by their hosts and were misrepresented.

Interesting research on the Qur’an:

The Corpus Coranicum project The project database already has lists of variant readings (lesarten tab) for verses in the Qur’an, and facsimiles of some of the manuscripts for most verses.

The Sana’a manuscripts of the Qur’an discovered in Yemen

Google books preview of the edited papers from the 2005 conference “The Quran in Its Historical Context” (Like I did, you might be able to see the full version at a major public library)

Other interesting sites

Council of Ex-Muslims – A website and thriving forum for ex-Muslims and sympathisers from around the world, based in Britain. A great place to discuss arguments for and against Islamic beliefs and to find support from fellow ex-Muslims. They often have friendly discussions with Muslims on the forum too. – Similar to the above, an active community for ex-Muslims on reddit

A blog by Sameer, an ex-Muslim who benefited from reading some of my articles, and in which he tells his story and explores scientific and other reasons for questioning Islam

The Agnostic Muslims and Friends group on Facebook This group, with thousands of members, was founded by Hassan Radwan, who also runs a blog Agnostic Muslim Khutbahs. They also have a website
Generally, most members have some form of belief in God, and that the Qur’an includes much wisdom and words that are inspired by God, but that it is not an infallible document containing the verbatim words of God. They believe inspiration is expressed in human words and must be examined in the context of Muhammad’s person, language and culture.

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