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Debunking the Haman miracle

Youtube user stopspamming1 has put together an excellent and thorough debunking of a frequently used apologist claim that the Qur’an contains miraculous knowledge of a real, historical associate of Pharaoh named Haman. The claim is based on an inscription on an ancient Egyptian door post, which allegedly includes the name Haman in hieroglyphs, together with his occupational title.

I’d just like to add something to what other debunkers have said on this with a really quick way of showing the feeble foundation of this claim:

The inscription gives this man’s title as

“Chief of the workers in the stone-quarries of Amun”.

Qur’an 28:38 says about Haman

“And Pharaoh said: O chiefs! I know not that ye have a god other than me, so kindle for me (a fire), O Haman, to bake the mud; and set up for me a lofty tower in order that I may survey the god of Moses; and lo! I deem him of the liars.” (Pickthall translation)

The bolded part in Arabic is literally, “so kindle for me, oh Haman, upon the clay” (links are to Lane’s Lexicon of classical Arabic).

Now clearly, stone-quarries have nothing to do with clay, and baking mud or clay bricks has nothing to do with quarrying. There’s really no need at this point to pay any more attention to such an absurd miracle claim, yet bizarrely, it remains a favourite of apologists.

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